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Ceer // Need a Fixer

Motors Brand Launch :30

Developed, composited, and animated 2D CGI for live-action shots on the CEER Motors brand launch.

Ceer Slider 1

Our Solution

Visual Goodness partnered with Need a Fixer to develop, composite and animate 2D CGI into live-action shots for the CEER Motors brand launch BCTV :60 spot.

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  • Design + Pre-Production
    • Storyboards and Style frames
    • Research and source stock
    • Consult on production requirements and considerations
    • Inform feasible styles and techniques for each shot
    • Design and animate CEER logo outro animation
  • Onsite Technical Direction in Saudi Arabia during live action shoot
  • 2D design and animation
  • 3D design and animation
  • Tracking and compositing
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