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Joseph Bradley // Need a Fixer

Generative AI - A TEDx Talk by Joseph Bradley

Visual Goodness used Generative AI to create an immersive visual world for a timely TED Talk on how Generative AI will change the world.

Our Solution

Our partners at Need a Fixer asked Visual Goodness to bring futurist Joseph Bradley’s TEDx presentation on Generative AI to life on an XR stage. We developed the set design and animations leveraging MidJourney, created the full animated stage design in CG, and provided creative and technical direction on location in Dubai. The resulting piece was hailed by the TED team, who called the presentation one of the most innovative and visually striking TEDx pieces they have ever received.

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  • Design + pre-production
  • Story consultation
  • Storyboards and style frames
  • Onsite Technical Direction
  • 2D design and animation
  • 3D design and animation
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