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Gulf Oil // ICR

Station Locator UI Development and API Integration

Providing users with location-based Gulf service station results and directions, this module features GPS integration for real-time registry updates, presented in a clean, simple design.

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Our Solution

When we were approached by ICR to build this site, Gulf Oil requested a platform with more security than WordPress and for this we turned to Drupal. Development included a custom Drupal theme, map to show where terminals are located and a station locator directory with GPS integration for radius detection and directions to all Gulf gas stations. Stations are dynamically updated each night to keep the site updated in real time with Gulf’s registry. Moving the site from a dated non responsive site to a very user focused and clean design was our main goal. Gulf Oil now has a site they can manage with ease, it is extremely secure and will be a site that lasts them a long time.

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  • Replatformed to Drupal from a sunsetting platform
  • Geotargeting and location data detection for station locator
  • API Integration with Google Maps API and developer console
  • Technical consultation and recommendations
  • Collaboration with partner agencies
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