Quality Metric /

What we did:


  • Developed and deployed the brand’s new corporate website based on ICR’s UX, copy and design
  • Optimized lead generation and segmentation in partnership with ICR and Quality Metric stakeholders
  • Expanded and optimized to further qualify and segment leads


  • Identified core keywords and developed a paid search media strategy to deliver the brand’s lead generation goals against specific types of leads
  • Developed ad creative and created ad groups
  • Weekly optimization, campaign insights & analytics

What We Delivered:

  • Starting from nearly zero, we were able to drive in excess of the 40+ target for leads per month at the close of the campaign
  • During the campaign, we tied or exceeded the highest number of qualified leads per month ever for the brand in February, March
  • Starting from a 5.69% CTR, we optimized to 7.45% by the end of the campaign
  • We developed an ROI metric against which we optimized Cost Per Conversion
  • At the start of the campaign, we began with a $489 CPC  for prioritized leads, which we optimized down to $128 by the campaign’s end


More Goodness /

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