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SL Benfica + Euroleague //

European Sports League Digital Collectibles

Soccer and Basketball Animation and Video Digital Collectibles

Our Solution

In collaboration with Studio Labs and Clancy World, Visual Goodness joined a subject matter expert working group to launch Digital Collectible collections for Sport Lisboa e Benfica, a professional football club based in Portugal and Euroleague Basketball, based in Turkey.

Visual Goodness was responsible for concepting, creative direction and production of UX, design and content for the platform. We developed a scalable and dynamic, data driven production pipeline to dynamically generate thousands of pack opens and collectible reveals across multiple collection releases.

Beginning with brand discovery, Visual Goodness designed the collectible worlds, to include virtual packs and cards tailored to fit each club’s brand and translated it into an exciting opening experience for collectors.

VG also developed all of the visual assets to complete the journey of a user from browsing to buying, opening, collecting and trading. Our work was so well-received that we were asked to create marketing collateral for the launch and website as well.

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  • Full creative discovery, exploration of pack and animated card designs translating video moments into collectibles
  • Defined technical requirements and specifications for each asset throughout the collectibles user journey
  • Design UX/UI of all content and choreography with front and backend teams
  • CG asset creation, animation, rendering and post production
  • Development of dynamic video pipeline for collectible asset generation (data driven)
  • Inter-agency collaboration and communication
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