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Over the course of five months, in collaboration with an incredible group of creative technologists, VG worked with our partners at MC2 to bring  an immersive multimedia interactive experience to life inside a custom-built dome. This culminated in installation and onsite support at the Shell Polymers visitor center, for a three-day VIP launch event.
What we did:

  1. Defined technical requirements and specifications for hardware solutions provider
  2. Designed the UX and UI for each spoke and its corresponding interaction modalities, e.g. Pufferfish, touchscreen, gestural
  3. Created nearly one hour of content interweaving Client-provided image and video assets with CGI animation
  4. Worked with our interaction technology partners to develop the experience and integrations with
  5. Setup and installation onsite in the dome
  6. Onsite support throughout the event
  7. Interagency collaboration and communication

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